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About Us

Destination Green Recycling Pty (Ltd) was established in October 2015 and is led by the youth. The company is founded by graduates from the University of the Witwatersrand, who, from their final year-Integrated Resource Management course, have identified the greatest need of recycling to improve the conditions of the environment.

Destination Green Recycling is currently operating in Tembisa, East of Johannesburg, and seeks to improve living conditions of the citizens in the township. The company aims to reduce land pollution and establish a sustainable system that will promote recycling and minimize the non-biodegradable waste that is being sent to landfills.

Our Future

Currently, Destination Green Recycling is focused on the collections and sorting processes, within the recycling value chain.

The Company’s long term goal is to expand into the Mechanical Recycling Sector which incorporates washing and drying of recyclables, extruding and pelletizing the materials, and more.

What We Do

Destination Green Recycling is a sustainable and thriving business, led by the youth and supported by the community and a number of other businesses operating within the recycling industry. Driven to find solutions that will result in environmental sustainability and benefit the community in which we operate.

Core Value

Bridge the Gap

Destination Green Recycling seeks to establish a buy-back centre in the township, which will reduce the travelling distance of the community members, when delivering their collected recyclables.

Core Value

Educate & Raise Awareness

The Company finds the needs to inform citizens on the importance and environmental benefits of recycling.

Core Value

Employment Opportunity

Destination Green Recycling aims at improving township economy and have future plans of integrating township economy into the mainstream.

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Youth Ambassadors of the NRF
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Zwelibanzi Mnguni: +27 (0) 78 465 5022

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