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About Us

Destination Green Recycling (Pty) Ltd was established in October 2015. The company is 100% owned by the youth and is a 100% black owned (Level 1 BBBEE). We strive towards solutions that result in environmental sustainability while benefiting the community in which we operate. Education, waste management, recycling and community clean-up campaigns are our key focus areas in establishing township development in waste management. With the support of the community, local businesses and businesses/organizations operating within the waste management industry, Destination Green Recycling seeks to develop effective methods towards the minimisation of waste in Tembisa.

Why “Throw it our way”?

Waste does not belong in the landfill. By throwing it our way, we are able to get the waste processed safely with as little of the negative impact on human health and the wellness of the environment as possible. Why wait for tomorrow, when you can start living GREEN today?

Our Future

Destination Green Recycling seeks to establish a formal Material Recovery Facility (MRF) and a training facility in Tembisa. These facilities will be utilised for the recovery and processing of recyclable materials and for education on waste management and the establishment of careers for the youth. Destination Green Recycling strives towards the formalization of waste management in townships.

What We Do

Destination Green Recycling is a sustainable and thriving business, led by the youth and supported by the community and a number of other businesses operating within the recycling industry. Driven to find solutions that will result in environmental sustainability and benefit the community in which we operate.

Core Value

Bridge the Gap

Destination Green Recycling seeks to establish a buy-back centre in the township, which will reduce the travelling distance of the community members, when delivering their collected recyclables.

Core Value

Educate & Raise Awareness

The Company finds the needs to inform citizens on the importance and environmental benefits of recycling.

Core Value

Employment Opportunity

Destination Green Recycling aims at improving township economy and have future plans of integrating township economy into the mainstream.

Waste Management
Recycling (Collections & Sorting)
School Recycling Programmes
Community Clean Up

Circular Economy by EU Environment


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For more information, contact:

Zwelibanzi Mnguni: +27 (0) 78 607 6156

Faith Diketane: +27 (0) 78 222 5270